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Alzheimer's Disease is a neurological condition pertaining to the brain and its degeneration over time in old age.

Although the cause of Alzheimer's is still poorly understood modern medicine has come a long way even in the past 10 years. While there is still no cure there are medications available that cannot stop but slow down its progression. 

There is a multitude of onset signs and symptoms that when caught early on can ensure the extended health and well-being of the individual. 

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Generic Medication: Do They Work?

Jan 13, 2020 2:28:32 PM


Let's face it, price gouging by big pharmaceutical companies in the United States is a common problem, and sometimes your insurance might not cover a certain medicine prescribed by a doctor. 

Many millions of Americans must look elsewhere for their medical needs. Countries such as Canada play a big role in providing Americans with affordable costs of legal medicine, however, most of their medicines are generic.. Does that matter? Should it matter?..

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Global Pharmacy Now Carries CBD Products!!!


With a growing demand from the American public for all-natural solutions, we have listened to our customers and can be happy to announce that Global Pharmacy Plus now carries CBD oils and other CBD related products that can legally be shipped anywhere within the United States!!


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Is buying my medicine online illegal?

Jan 9, 2020 4:47:26 PM

Is this illegal?

old couple laptop

Over the past decade, there has been an increased online prescription presence from outside the United States in countries such as Canada which has given the American public many options to choose from in terms of where to purchase their medicines.

Ranging from lower prices to having generics available it has never been easier and more widely accessible to do business outside the USA, however certain questions always seem to make their way into a conversation that turns a simple question into outright fear.

We have come to "squash that bug", and make sure to address those questions and concerns.

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Coresatin Cream USACoresatin Cream is a new skin care product that has helped many of our customers with psoriasis, eczema and lichen planus. We would like to go a little more in-depth about Coresatin Cream that has revolutionized psoriasis / skin treatment as we know it. The anti-inflammatory effect of its proprietary composition promotes the natural healing process of skin without the use of steroids. Coresatin cream actually helps skin repair itself by using a new proprietary formula that contains Coremirac-6. This combination of ingredients are responsible for the transformation of inflamed skin conditions to new skin with little resemblance of the adverse skin condition. 

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Our New Global Pharmacy Blog

Feb 25, 2013 10:50:00 AM

Global Pharmacy Plus

Since 2004 we have filled prescription medications for more than 200,000 customers. During the last 8 years we have made global connections with approved pharmacies to bring you low prices on high quality generic medications with a 100% No-Risk Satisfaction guarantee.

Global Pharmacy was started as a resource for seniors whom fell into a medicare-part d(doughnut hole) providing them with affordable quality medications. Since then we have branched out to help everyone save on popular name brand and generic medications.

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