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Global Pharmacy Plus - Safety Tips

Important Tips to Keep You Safe

Global Pharmacy Plus values our customers and your safety is very important to us.  Whether you purchase our discount prescription drugs or you choose to purchase from another online drugstore we urge you to do due diligence when choosing an online pharmacy.  The following tips can help protect you from being a victim of fraud or receiving substandard or counterfeit medications.


1. Only Deal With Online Pharmacies That Require A Prescription

Licensed and accredited pharmacies will only dispense medication if the purchaser has a legitimate prescription.  If you order from an online pharmacy that isn’t licensed and accredited then you run the risk of receiving counterfeit medications.  Any company willing to sell prescription medications without a prescription is violating the laws of their own country and may not be adequately safeguarding your health.

At Global Pharmacy Plus, all the pharmacies we deal with REQUIRE prescriptions before they will ship any prescription medications.

The Central Drugs Standards Control Organization (CDSCO), a division of the Indian Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, is responsible for drug approval and regulation, as well as for the licensure of pharmacies in India.


2. Only Order From  Online Pharmacies In Countries With A Strong Democratic Government

Third-world countries have little or no regulation when it comes to dispensing prescription drugs online and have little or no laws to regulate the medication or protect the consumer.  To ensure not only safety of the medications purchased from an online pharmacy but that your financial and other personal information is secure is important to deal with companies located in countries with strong regulatory environments.

At Global Pharmacy Plus, all of the pharmacies we deal with are located in countries with very strong regulatory environments and the facilities in which the medications are manufactured have been approved by one or several of the following organizations:

·        Food and Drug Administration (FDA), USA

·          Medicines Control Agency (MCA), UK

·         Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), Australia

·         Medicines Control Council (MCC), South Africa

·         National Institute of Pharmacy (NIP), Hungary

·         Pharmaceutical Inspection Convention (PIC), Germany

·         State Institute for the Control of Drugs, Slovak Republic

·         Food and Drug Administration (FDA), India

·         European Medicines Agency (EMA), Europe

The majority of our pharmacies obtain their prescription medications from factories in India, the world’s largest democracy.  Indian pharmacies are regulated by the Central Drugs Standards Control Organization (CDSCO) and must follow strict guidelines that are similar to those of the FDA in the United States. Should you have any questions regarding where your medication is originating, please contact customer service.


3. Purchase Medications From Companies That Use A Third Party To Gather Honest Reviews From Their Customers

Companies such as bizrate.com offer unsolicited and independent reviews for consumers by consumers.  Reviews gathered by a third-party are generally considered to be credible because the company being reviewed isn’t able to change the reviews or pick and choose which ones they would like displayed.  Many of the third-party review sites are able to detect fraudulent reviews, thus giving the potential customer a true picture of the previous customers’ experience.


4. Make sure the company has a good shipment guarantee policy and be sure to read the fine print.

When ordering prescription medications online accuracy and the timeliness of the delivery are two of the most important factors.  Learning a company’s shipping policy and how they handle returns or mistakes is something that you need to be aware of as to not be caught without your medication or hit with exuberant shipping fees.

Some scenarios you should consider:

What will happen if you don't receive your shipment?

How long do you have to wait before they will re-ship the order?

Will you have the option to choose between a full refund rather than a new shipment?

What happens if the company ships the wrong product?

Will they immediately ship a replacement without waiting for you to send back the wrong product?

Global Pharmacy Plus has one of the best guarantees in the industry.  If you receive the wrong product, we will have the pharmacy ship the correct product at no cost to you or we will refund 100% of your money.  There is no need for you to return the incorrect product and wait any longer than necessary to receive the correct one. Global Pharmacy Plus asks that you simply safely dispose of the incorrect product at a local pharmacy.  In most cases, it is also safe to dispose of the product in your household trash. 
Click here for more information on our guarantee policy.