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EPI-OTIC (Brand Name), ILIUM (Brand Name) and Surolan (Generic) Drops can be ordered without a medical prescription. Pet ear medications are topical antifungal, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. The following medications are formulated to be used on pets not humans.

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  1. Epi-Otic 237ml EPIOTIC

    Epi-Otic 237ml

    EPI-OTIC Ear Cleanser has been trusted for years as a mild non-irritating cleansing solution for the gentle routine cleaning of your pe...

    Price at US Pharmacies: $25.00


  2. Ilium Ear Drop 20ml ILIUM

    Ilium Ear Drop 20ml

    ILIUM Ear Drops are used to clean out your dog or cat's ears, effectively treating for fungal / Bacterial infections or ear mites. They...

    Price at US Pharmacies: $6.00


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