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Coumadin (Warfarin Sodium) - Tabs

Coumadin (Warfarin Sodium) - Tabs

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Coumadin (Warfarin Sodium) - 1mg, 100 Tabs
Coumadin (Warfarin Sodium) - 2mg, 90 Tabs
Coumadin (Warfarin Sodium) - 2.5mg, 100 Tabs
Coumadin (Warfarin Sodium) - 5mg, 112 Pills
Coumadin (Warfarin Sodium) - 7.5mg, 100 Pills

Product Details for Coumadin (Warfarin Sodium) - Tabs

Warfarin is used to prevent blood clots from forming or growing larger in your blood and blood vessels. It is prescribed for people with certain types of irregular heartbeat, people with prosthetic (replacement or mechanical) heart valves, and people who have suffered a heart attack. Warfarin is also used to treat or prevent venous thrombosis (swelling and blood clot in a vein) and pulmonary embolism (a blood clot in the lung). Warfarin is in a class of medications called anticoagulants ('blood thinners'). It works by decreasing the clotting ability of the blood.

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