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Matcha Tea (green tea powder) Powder Packets or Pill

Matcha Tea (green tea powder) Powder Packets or Pill LP_MatchTea

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Matcha Tea 2gm, 30 Packets
Matcha Tea 50mg, 80 Pills

Product Details for Matcha Tea (green tea powder) Powder Packets or Pill

Matcha Tea benefits and origin
Matcha is a type of green tea, which originated more than 800 years ago. Initially it was used mainly Buddhist masters and samurai and only recently began to consume in Europe. Fresh tea leaves are ground to a fine powder and the result is a remarkably green color with amazing taste and excellent aroma. One Benefit of Matcha tea is that is contains unique catechins and amino acids.

The Matcha tea is different from ordinary green tea
Matcha is 100% green tea, which is milled to a fine powder (approximately 5-10 microns), for which there is no production of fermentation, it does not add any dyes, additives or preservatives. If you drink tea Matcha and consume the entire tea leaf. That is the main reason why the Tea Matcha 10 times stronger than conventionally brewed cup of green tea. Another benefit of Matcha green tea in recent scientific studies have come to the conclusion that Matcha contains more EGCG than normal green tea, 137 times more. EGCG is the most effective antioxidant fighting against cancer and excellent assistant in burning fat. When consuming Matcha tea will accelerate the metabolism of 30-40% and is often used in the fight against obesity.

MatchaTea benefit diagram

• The ideal option for everyday drinking
• For the preparation of hot and cold beverages
• Box contains 30 x 2g bags • Shelf life of 2 years
• Origin of tea Kagoshima Japan Package leaflet: Information for the user
• Package includes: Matcha Tea
• 1 pack - 30 pcs bags (2 g bag)

Protect from direct light. Store in a cool, dry place.

Tea can be consumed by children, but in limited quantities
From 7-9 years 2.1 gr Matcha tea / day
From 10 to 12 years 3,2 gr Matcha tea / day
Adults 4-8 grams of tea Matcha / day
Pregnant women can consume Matcha, but in limited quantities (up to 4 g daily).

Tea Matcha Recipe
Cold: Tea mixed with water (from 2 dl - 1.5 liters to taste) and is shaken properly. We recommend adding a few drops of lime or a little fruit syrup to taste. Great taste combination will achieve Matcha tea with water and Elderflower syrup.
*It is important that the tea Matcha always vigorously stirred. In preparing for cold use shaker or plastic bottle.

Hot: Tea (1 bag) pour hot water (2 dl) with a temperature of about 70 degrees and stir properly. Before preparing hot is the perfect little helper to whisk the milk whisking. We achieve great taste by adding honey and lime. We recommend serving it with milk to soften the taste.

More information

Matcha Tea and Weight Loss
According to the latest publications of the American Society of Clinical Nutrition (company dealing in health food) consumption of high-quality green tea promotes even distribution of energy in the body and thus the 30-40% speeds up metabolism. This means that drinking tea Matcha significantly promotes weight loss. Due to increased calorie burning, which arises from the quality of drinking green tea, Matcha tea consumption does not have any negative effects on blood pressure, unlike the consumption of drugs for weight loss.

What can be prepared from tea Matcha
Matcha tea is a unique product in terms of diversity training. Of Matcha tea can be prepared several kinds of hot and cold beverages, cocktails, chocolates and ice cream. Matcha commonly used in their operations not only restaurants, bars and tea rooms, but also confectioners, chefs, bakers and others.

The difference between Matcha tea and coffee A fundamental difference between Matcha and coffee are the nutrients naturally present in both beverages. Coffee contains a powerful stimulant.Theophylline and Matcha contains theanine, as well as the amount of minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. Caffeine is a very fast-acting stimulant, which immediately finds its way into the bloodstream. Yield results within minutes and culminates in 30 to 45 minutes. The peak effect of coffee is often associated with nervousness, sweating and subsequent weakening or numbness. By contrast, the effects of tea, that is a substance that is present (theophylline) works quite differently. Matcha contains many nutrients which restrict theophylline absorption into the blood stream immediately, leading to a gradual release of energy at a time 3-6 hours.

Matcha Tea and its color
Matcha is truly 100% pure green tea. It contains no dyes, additives or preservatives. The reason emerald green color is the amount of chlorophyll in tea leafs caused by shadowing the tea. Four weeks prior to the annual harvest tea areas are completely covered with tarpaulins. This special shading equipment prevents sunlight up to 90%, with the result that the plants are growing almost missing in the dark and light can offset the excessive production of chlorophyll. It is from chlorophyll, which is enriched with amino acids, formed emerald green color.

Quality Matcha tea
As with wine, as well as tea Matcha find a wide range of classes and qualities. It is certainly important to consider the quality of Matcha tea. The main quality factors include: - taste - High quality Matcha is a fine, smooth and slightly sweet-tasting with minimal hint of bitterness. Sweet taste derived from the naturally occurring L-amino acid theanine and plant fibers. Matcha higher quality should contain a minimum of 19.5 mg L-theanine to 1 gram - color - High quality Matcha is emerald green color and if lower quality color change rather tan. At lower levels of quality varies considerably and flavor of tea.

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