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Omaktive Oral Paste for Horses 370mg 14 Syringe of 6.15gms

Product Details

Lomac Equine Paste is recommended for treatment and prevention of recurrence of gastric ulcers in horses and foals 4 weeks of age and older.

To be used in:

Horses only

Advantage of Lomac Equine:

Lomac Equine will heal or reduced 99% the gastric ulcers in your horse. Lomac Equine is easy to give to your horse due to the cinnamon flavor of the paste.

Lomac Equine is safe treatment for gastric ulcer with no side effects reported on horse as young as one month of age.

How Lomac Equine works:

Lomac Equine contains omeprazole, is a gastric acid pump inhibitor that regulates and blocks gastric acid secretion of your horse stomach.


Please consult your veterinarian or pharmacist before your horse takes any other Prescription, Over-the-counter, vitamins or Herbal Medications.

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