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Uroxatral® (Alfuzosin)

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Uroxatral (Alfuzosin) - 10mg, 90 Pills

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Product Details for Uroxatral® (Alfuzosin)

Uroxatral (alfuzosin) belongs to a group of drugs called alpha-adrenergic blockers. Uroxatral relaxes the muscles in the prostate and bladder neck, making it easier to urinate. Uroxatral is used to improve urination in men with benign prostatic hyperplasia (enlarged prostate).

Buy Alfuzosin at discount pricing from Global Pharmacy Plus online and save over the name brand Uroxatral. The generic Alfuzosin has the same chemical make up as the name brand, generic Uroxatral manufactured by Sandoz a pharmaceutical company that specialize in generic medication.
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