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Differin® - Adapalene - ADACLENE Gel

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Differin (Adapalene) - 0.1%, 15 grams - gel
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Differin (Adapalene) - 0.1%, 45 grams
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Product Details for Differin® - Adapalene - ADACLENE Gel

Differin / ADACLENE Gel used to treat severe acne in people who are 12 or older. We carry the generic version that goes by contains the same amount of the active ingredients (Adapalene / ADACLENE Gel by Cipla) as the name brand Differin. The only difference is the cost, you pay less with Global Pharmacy.

What is Differin used for?
Differin Gel by Cipla contains the active ingredient Adapalene, which has an anti-inflammatory effect reducing soreness and irritation. Differin can be used on your face, chest or back for acne, where your skin has lots of blackheads, spots and pimples. ADACLENE Gel is only absorbed into the body in very small amounts and has little effect, except on the surface of the skin.
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