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Molnupiravir FDA authorized to treat COVID-19 - 200mg, 40 Caps

Molnupiravir FDA authorized to treat COVID-19 - 200mg, 40 Caps

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Due to the fact that this is an anticipatory pre-emptive medication that needs to be taken within five days of symptom onset, these are able to be pre-ordered (with a MAX of 80 pills or 2 qty per CX)

Molnupiravir is an oral medication, that is authorized by the FDA to treat COVID-19. Molnupiravir is active against severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2). Early treatment with the drug reduces the risk of hospitalization or death in at-risk patients that have or have not been vaccinated.

How Molnupiravir works
Molnupiravir inhibits viral reproduction by promoting widespread mutations in the replication of viral RNA by RNA-directed RNA polymerase. These mutations cause COVID-19 cells to prevent new cells from being created stopping the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Molnupiravir has been proven to lessen the Covid 19 recovery time and boosting patient survival rate.

Recommended dosage
All medication should be used as directed by your doctor. Suggestions on the correct dosage amount per the FDA are as follows. Molnupiravir is administered as four 200 milligram capsules taken orally every 12 hours for five days, for a total of 40 capsules. Molnupiravir is not authorized for use for longer than five consecutive days. 

Trade Names of Molnupiravir
The brand name of this product goes by the name of Merck Molnupiravir, marketed for the USA. Our version of this medication goes by the name of Molnunat (NATCO) other generics on the market go by the following trade/brand names Molulife (Mankind) and Molena (Emcure). 

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