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Razadyne® ER / Razadyne® / Galantamine

Razadyne® ER / Razadyne® / Galantamine LP_RAZADYNE ER/RAZADYNE-Galantamine

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Razadyne (Galantamine) 4mg, 100 Tabs - Generic
Razadyne (Galantamine) 8mg, 100 Tabs - Generic
Razadyne (Galantamine) 16mg, 84 Tabs - Generic
Razadyne (Galantamine) 24mg, 84 Tabs - Generic

Product Details for Razadyne® ER / Razadyne® / Galantamine

RAZADYNE ER/RAZADYNE (galantamine hydrobromide) is indicated for the treatment of mild to moderate dementia of the Alzheimer's type.

Generic Razadyne is an antidementia medicine used to treat the symptoms of mild to moderately severe dementia of the Alzheimer type, a disease that alters brain function.

The symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease include increasing memory loss, confusion and behavioral changes. As a result, it becomes more and more difficult to carry out normal daily activities.

These symptoms are believed to be due to a lack of acetylcholine, a substance responsible for sending messages between brain cells. Generic Razadyne increases the amount of acetylcholine in the brain and so could improve the symptoms of the disease.

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