What Exactly is Erectile Dysfunction?


ED is characterized by the following symptoms:

  • Being unable to get an erection at any time
  • Being able to get an erection but being unable to maintain it
  • Being able to get an erection but being unable to keep it long enough for full sexual intercourse


The problem can range from mild to severe. Some individuals are never able to get an erection. Others may find they suffer from the issue periodically or under certain circumstances.


The good news is that in many cases, erectile dysfunction can be cured by making simple life changes or taking well-known and reliable medications. If you have erectile dysfunction, read on to discover the most common causes of the condition and how to treat ED.



Lack of Exercise and Movement

We are all aware that being overweight is unhealthy, but did you also know that living a sedentary or unhealthy lifestyle can be a leading cause of erectile dysfunction? The reason for this is that overweight men experience a drop in testosterone and an increase in estrogen.


On the positive side, this is an easy problem to fix. Making changes to your lifestyle and losing weight is the best remedy for ED. Feeling fitter and healthier will also have a hugely positive effect on your overall well-being, self-esteem, and how confident you feel in the bedroom.



Age Matters

More than half of men experience erectile dysfunction after they pass the age of 70. While many of us wish there were a way to reverse aging, the bottom line is that there isn't anything you can do about this.


What you can do, however, is take steps to keep as healthy as possible. Being healthy in old-age will extend your life and help combat serious health conditions that so many seniors suffer from. Maintaining a healthy body will also ensure that you reduce the chances of you experiencing a problem with ED.





We all know that smoking is bad for you in a multitude of ways, so it should come as no surprise that it's also a cause of ED. Using tobacco decreases the blood flow within the body and that includes blood flow to the penis. Erections are created and maintained through additional blood flow, so if you smoke, the chances are good that you will find it harder to achieve a long-lasting erection. 


ED through smoking is also reversible. If you give up smoking, you may notice that your erections become much easier to achieve and maintain.





Diabetes (both type 1 and type 2) has many health implications, including ED. The bad news is that like diabetes, the ED that comes with it isn't always curable. 


Those who manage to control their blood sugar levels can enjoy decreased chances of experiencing ED. If you struggle to control yours or if you consistently have high blood sugar levels, you're far more likely to experience it.



High Cholesterol and Heart Disease


ED also has strong links to heart disease and high cholesterol. Additionally, it has been shown that when an otherwise healthy man develops ED, it is very likely that they will be diagnosed with heart disease within five years. Therefore, if you suddenly find yourself suffering from ED, seek medical advice.



Anxiety and Mental Health


An often overlooked area, your mental health can play a huge part in whether or not you're able to maintain an erection. Performance anxiety is common and occurs during a would-be sexual encounter. There is nothing wrong physically, but being anxious or worried about performing can cause a man to lose his erection. Getting support or treatment is the best way to remedy this particular issue.



How to Cure ED Fast


If you're suffering from ED, you're probably wondering what the most effective ED treatment is. While there are many different medications and ED products on the market, the best remedy for ED will depend on your circumstances.



Need a Natural Solution?


The best natural ED products are relatively new to the market and arrive in the form of CBD oil products.


CBD oil can be very effective in treating ED because it is known to reduce anxiety and stress (and, therefore, performance-based anxiety) as well as supporting the cardiovascular systems within the body. CBD oil is also known to stimulate the male reproductive system making it a fantastic natural treatment option.



Other ED Treatments That Work


Using medication is the most common way to treat ED. There are several medications available on the market. When you are choosing which one to use, make sure you take into account the potential side-effects and incompatibilities with other types of drugs.



Most are oral medications that arrive in pill form to be taken before you wish to obtain an erection. They work by increasing the blood flow to the penis by widening the veins. They also work to decrease the level of blood flow away from the penis, thus allowing you to obtain and maintain an erection for the full desired duration.


  • Cialis: an oral medication in pill form
  • Levitra Staxyn: an orally disintegrating tablet 
  • Viagra: the most well-known brand of ED medication. Available as a blue tablet 
  • Sildenafil Citrate: an oral medication in pill form
  • ED jelly contains Sildenafil Citrate and is an oral ED jelly based medication designed for those that have issues swallowing medication in tablet form
  • ED Avanafil: Oral medication in pill form


When using any of these medications, it's important to understand that they are all incompatible with nitrate-based heart disease medications. These brands could also be unsuitable for you if you have heart disease but are not currently taking any medication.


If you are unsure, the best way to determine which one is right for you is by talking to a medical professional.




In most circumstances, the ED can either be remedied or dramatically improved. This should come as a relief for those wondering how to cure ED.


At the top of the list is making improvements to your overall health and well being, and if you find after doing this you are still suffering from the issue, you can start to explore medicinal options. Whichever path you take, it won't be long before you are once again enjoying long-lasting erections.