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Is ordering online illegal?

This is one of the most asked questions any legitimate online pharmacy is always asked. It basically falls into several factors.

First and foremost EVERY pharmacy asks its patients for a doctor's prescription in order to fill the medicine specified. There are some companies that make you fill out a questionnaire instead of being physically examined by a physician and prescribed medicine. The prescription must match the product being ordered in terms of strength, and dose, and must be signed and dated by the prescribing doctor or the nursing staff.

If the online pharmacy you are looking at purchasing medicines from isn't asking for a prescription you can be assured 100% they are not legitimate. 

Make sure never to give them any personal information like your SSN (Social security number), name and address, and most importantly your credit card information. If they are a scam you will most likely have to dispute the charges with your bank, change your social information which can take several weeks to clear up. 

Always make sure to ask questions when dealing with any online pharmacy if you have your doubts. There are good companies out there that have your health and well-being as their number 1 priority. Just make sure to remember some of these points.

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