Unfortunately, the United States has some of the longest standing patent laws in the entire world which prevent its own citizens from having the option of choosing a generic, or affordable brand name.

This is NOT the case in countries such as Canada whos patent laws last only several years, and NOT decades.

Many hundreds of thousands of Americans make their journeys across the border to local Canadian pharmacies, or online to one of the hundreds of online pharmacies every single year.

The thing that shocks most people is the fact they may receive a generic which may raise the question of "Is this any good?"

The short answer is a definite YES. Generics are chemically identical to the Brand name medicine. They have identical medicinal ingredients as the brand name pill. The only differences may be the color, shape, or size, and the fact that they are made elsewhere in perhaps even a different country, but those factors don't interfere with its potency and results.

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