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*A very important message for our customers*

Dear Customers:
With the worldwide COVID-19 outbreak affecting us all in one way or another. Global Pharmacy Plus would like to reach out to our customers on where we stand as a company while going through this global crisis, possible order delivery delays, and what you can do to stay healthy during this outbreak.

Our stance:
At Global Pharmacy Plus, we are fully operational and taking precautions by limiting our office workers and doing some sort of work from home when possible.

Possible delivery delays ahead:
In this global state of unknown, we recommend that you place your orders earlier than normal, place them online for faster service, and order the max allowed by law(90 day supply). Some medications may have limited availability due to medicines taking up manufacturing precedence to fight off COVID-19. We do expect inventory levels to go back to normal after this global crisis subsides.

Temporary delivery guarantee change:
Due to the recent outbreak of COVID-19 we cannot offer a 21-day delivery guarantee due to the unknown stress placed on the global postal delivery network. If you do not receive your order after 35 days of your package being shipped out please contact us by email, or by telephone.

What you can do to stay healthy during this outbreak:
The CDC has a helpful webpage with FAQs about COVID-19, and it’s far more informative than the lurid coverage on TV news. I flew cross country yesterday and can report that there were many more people wearing masks (not recommended) than washing their hands properly (recommended)!  A little refresher on how to prevent the spread of respiratory illnesses is the best medicine right now.

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Is buying my medicine online illegal?

Jan 9, 2020 4:47:26 PM

Is this illegal?

old couple laptop

Over the past decade, there has been an increased online prescription presence from outside the United States in countries such as Canada which has given the American public many options to choose from in terms of where to purchase their medicines.

Ranging from lower prices to having generics available it has never been easier and more widely accessible to do business outside the USA, however certain questions always seem to make their way into a conversation that turns a simple question into outright fear.

We have come to "squash that bug", and make sure to address those questions and concerns.

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Our New Global Pharmacy Blog

Feb 25, 2013 10:50:00 AM

Global Pharmacy Plus

Since 2004 we have filled prescription medications for more than 200,000 customers. During the last 8 years we have made global connections with approved pharmacies to bring you low prices on high quality generic medications with a 100% No-Risk Satisfaction guarantee.

Global Pharmacy was started as a resource for seniors whom fell into a medicare-part d(doughnut hole) providing them with affordable quality medications. Since then we have branched out to help everyone save on popular name brand and generic medications.

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